Magic Rush Heroes Hack Tool: How to awaken the hero?

The Magic Rush Heroes game is very important to awaken the heroes. The sooner – the better. After awakening gives the hero a new ability. At the moment, only a small fraction of the characters can be awakened, but the developers are constantly adding new skills to wake heroes. Just after waking, your hero will get a new, cool and new animation skills, a trifle, but nice is not it?

What kind of characters can be awakened?

Perhaps some will be a little opening of the fact that all the characters in the game are divided into a subgroup . Each subgroup has a hero-leader , who will receive an ability after waking. This ability will increase a value (for example, phys. Attack) himself and all other members of the group, if you use them too on the battlefield.

In the rush Magic game, you are required to collect diamods as much as possible. It is useful to get a lot more heroes and level up faster. Unfortunately, to get diamonds in large numbers require a fee because this game offers the purchase of the item. However, you can still get unlimited free diamods using magic rush heroes hack tool.

Some characters may refer to two, three, four sub-groups at once. How to find a subgroup include your hero and which all subgroups are? Very simple. Go to the item “Heroes” and choose any character, I let it be Ruby. Then, in the properties of the hero find his subgroup. If you awaken the leader of the subgroup, we obtain the ability that will work the same on all the characters members of sub-groups that are on the battlefield. They can see if you click on the subgroup.

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How to awaken the hero?

Now let’s get down to the specific awakening the hero. Wake-up mission for each character their own, but they are practically the same (just different runes needed to wake up) To probududit hero, you need to pass a special wake-up mission.

1. Start the mission of awakening

the Mission will be available only when you bleed the hero to the Orange levels . No matter how many stars a hero.

2. Collect the necessary runes

Having awakening mission, it will appear as soon as a quest. At the same time awaken only two characters. We go to him, and all that is needed is simply to collect some of our usual runes and 60 fragments of the essence of Pandaria, which will drop only one level Elite phase of the campaign . Dropped this being 1-2 in three sweeps, so be prepared that you will awaken vip0 hero more than a month. Fortunately time limit on this mission not 🙂

3. Complete the elite stage

Once you have collected all the necessary wake-up runes, you have to go through one of the elite stages of the campaign (for each a character) along with the hero, which you awaken, with no deaths.

4. Complete the mission

plays the elite stage without death you will be able finally to complete awakening of the mission and get a new ability, character avatar to chat, and the ability to take on awakening the next hero.

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