Turbo League Clone Rocket League For Mobile

Turbo League

In the independent game industry we can say that Rocket League is one of the biggest hits of 2016. The football multiplayer game with cars totaled large numbers both on consoles and PC, thanks to an extremely fun gameplay and a low price; PlayStation Store Europe has even been the best-selling ever .

Now the game is also available on the mobile. Or rather, its sort of clone. The title is called Turbo League , and is developed by another company, the Zero Four LLC, based in Dubai. The business model is free-to-play , with the ability to compete in multiplayer games in real time. You are in total maximum players for the match, organized into two teams of three.

Rocket League vs Turbo League

At this point we just have to wait and hope that the perpetrators of the Japanese giant to give their consent to Psyonix to enable the standby function that, for the first time, brought the levels of Xbox One players to clash in exciting matches with users Playstation 4 and vice versa.

We remind you that on the Rocket League of cross-play service is already possible between PC and Xbox One and between PC and PS4 , actually it all lacks only the interaction between the two existing Sony and Microsoft consoles.

Turbo League Hack is available from a few days on both Android and iOS. It is free, but the turbo is available in limited quantities and must be recharged with in-app purchases . Despite the reviews are not exactly stellar, with many users complaining of excessive lag, awkward controls and the presence of many cheaters, the game is spreading rapidly, which, we hope, will lead developers to rapidly improve their creation.

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