Nintendo Switch vs NVIDIA Shield: which one to buy, and why

Nintendo Switch vs NVIDIA Shield

Nintendo Switch has not yet come into the homes of gamers around the world, who immediately talk about themselves thanks to its innovative features, the increasingly mobile and portable design and featuring a subtle competition in the world of smartphones and tablets for gaming, so that it requires a comparison Switch Nintendo vs NVIDIA Shield to settle an issue which for some months has become more than urgent: which should you buy?

Despite fact NVIDIA Shield K1 is nothing but a tablet released in 2015 but it was originally launched in store in 2014 with Android 4.4 KitKat, before being withdrawn by the company due to battery failure which will soon be updated to Android Nougat, Nintendo Switch can be compared more correctly this product that the new NVIDIA Shield TV, a fixed more suited to making comparisons with underpowered versions of PlayStation 4 or Xbox one console.

To understand, therefore, if it’s worth buying the new Nintendo Switch or bet instead on NVIDIA Shield, you will need to read on. Are you ready to find out the result of this comparison Nintendo Switch vs NVIDIA Shield?

Nintendo Switch vs NVIDIA Shield Technical specifications

How can you defend a tablet released in 2015 against a console produced to provide the best user experience in 2017?

In fact, the new tablet NVIDIA Shield still has technical characteristics of all respect that in some cases tend to exceed even the corresponding specifications of Nintendo Switch, both because of the different market segment to which the two products were and continue to be used, it is of course because of the manufacturer’s choices. NVIDIA Shield is a tablet the size of 8 inches with a 1920 × 1200 touch screen, powered by the handsome processor NVIDIA Tegra K1 and supported by 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage memory, which can increase to 32GB if you opt for the model higher and expandable via the SD card slot up to 128GB.

Even the battery is more than enough: 5.200mAh which connect you to the 9 hours of battery life which naturally reduces when passing to the gaming sector; the audio is held in high esteem thanks to four speakers positioned on all sides of the screen to offer more involvement. The video industry is able to offer impressive performance for its time and everything about today: HDMI output to a maximum resolution of 4K @ 30fps, able to lead to a sharp image even Netflix, officially supported by NVIDIA.

On the floor of the technical specifications, it is much more difficult to understand what is hidden inside the Nintendo Switch plastic shell as the full record has not yet been released: the rumors speak of support to streaming 4K @ 60fps with dual management system (console and fixed location), but as always, they only deal with unconfirmed advances and as such can not influence the outcome of Versus. However, we know that Nintendo Switch integrates a custom Tegra processor and thus certainly more powerful, 4GB of RAM while the screen is only stops at a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels although, when connected to the television, the quality increases to 1080p ( which can not be exploited with Netflix because the console will not support the app, at least at first). Memory is the strong point, since the base will be of 32GB expandable up to 2TB through SD cards but not external hard disk, for the moment not supported.

The battery is a sore point, as it will reach to the maximum six hours continue with a minimum of 2.5 hours peak estimated gaming; Switch of course Nintendo does not integrate any camera (while NVIDIA Shield has two bedrooms 5MP with HDR and autofocus) but can boast a Type-C USB port, while NVIDIA Shield stops the microUSB OTG.

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Nintendo Switch vs NVIDIA Shield Games

NVIDIA Shield, despite being a tablet now dated by the standards of the modern game industry, does not suffer from the same disadvantages of their fixed counterparts : it is an Android tablet is not only compatible with any title published in the Play Store, but can use the service NVIDIA GeForce Now, the gaming service streaming that each NVIDIA device (hence NVIDIA Shield TV, old and new).

NVIDIA Shield is not in danger of suffering from failing in the gaming market not only for smartphones but also for PC and console: the NVIDIA Shield titles park consists of great depth games like The Witcher 3, Hitman: Absolution and Tomb Raider (yes, also No Man’s Sky ) and the cost of the service is € 9.99 per month, the equivalent of Netflix which supports the playback of high-resolution TV series and movies, it should be remembered.

But this is not a cheap service: not only must purchase NVIDIA GeForce Now, but to take advantage of the most recent titles as, indeed, The Witcher 3 must pay figures stood at € 50 ; although it is assumed that a player that takes advantage of its NVIDIA Shield gaming extra-Android titles do not have a PC or a console fixed and therefore not be formalized in the find within the catalog of games already published somewhere year but still valid (such as Mad Max, for example) still has to be noted that the NVIDIA GeForce Now the catalog is not completely updated.

Conversely Nintendo Switch: the Japanese home console will have both the support of external development houses in both domestic gaming manufacture, being able to afford to offer at launch already titles like The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and later New Adventures of Super Mario, who will receive their own for the new console her ptimo open-world game. Nintendo Switch will also provide a distribution service of online games which, similar to Playstation and XboX, will release a free game every month ; the cost of the subscription is not yet widespread, but it is known that serve to connect online and to manage the chat between gamers in multiplayer games, which will run through an app for smartphones.

But it is not all gold that glitters: as stated in an article released by the website I Love Video Games, the developers of third parties are not at all sure that Nintendo Switch will appeal to the public and await the first sales results to start the development of new titles given that according to rumors some of the games available at launch would be porting older versions, dating back to PS3 or XboX 360.

Nintendo Switch vs NVIDIA Shield Support

NVIDIA Shield, a tablet released in 2015, can hold a candle to a not yet entered into the console market ?

No, of course, if we expect only data: Switch Nintendo will be launched with probability in the coming months and will provide great satisfaction to its buyers. His predecessor, Wii U, has been able to sustain the impact of the time although often accused of having a lower qualifications park than the competition, and there is no doubt that Nintendo Nintendo forage Switch as you will need to spread the fame, that you It supposed to exceed the expectations given the relative novelty of the product.

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NVIDIA Shield will instead receive the update to Android Nougat thus putting himself on a par with the most recent Top of Range and gaining many of the features integrated software in the new NVIDIA Shield TV ; given the absence of plans for the future in the field of mobile gaming is supposed that maybe NVIDIA will continue to update NVIDIA Shield Tablet for still some time, at least waiting to be observed before the sales results of Nintendo Switch and then assess the possibility of entering into market a new NVIDIA Shield Portable, whose render were already widespread in 2016 but never saw a continuation practice. Nevertheless, presumably believing that not miss you at NVIDIA Shield retirement, who can still enjoy the rooting and the possibility of giving new life to the tablet even without official support, despite not indent of procedures which all users can benefit with ease.

Nintendo Switch vs NVIDIA Shield Costs

We then go to the big question for most users: which console will require the greatest outlay?

NVIDIA Shield is sold on Amazon for € 198.50 without NVIDIA controller need to play with the NVIDIA GeForce Now securities which can be purchased at € 69.99 always on the same platform. In total the tablet would cost € 268.49, to which must be added at least the money in the streaming game service € 9.90 per month. Nintendo Switch will be sold to the launch price of 300 €, with no games included; each additional controller will be paid 80 €, and we can see that Nintendo alone already exceed its competitor, which can also take advantage of free titles available on the Play Store.

Nintendo Switch vs NVIDIA Shield The verdict

NVIDIA Shield is certainly the best tablet on the market from gaming : it would normally have been already been overtaken by competitors, but the world of Android tablet is now dying and Microsoft and Apple compete for the market, making the NVIDIA game that can still sell almost 300 € of the total cost of an old tablet two years.

Performance is of course exceptional, and the tablet will also receive Android Nougat before numerous Top of range smartphone, but it’s still a dated accessory ; It sounds strange if referred by a site devoted to Android, but NVIDIA Shield loses the comparison with Nintendo Switch also (but not only) because of the different location to which the product is dedicated, not sharing the same of the Japanese console market. Nintendo Switch does not come as a tablet but as “console portable ” in that removable from its external support but virtually useless if transported outside the walls of the house ; NVIDIA Shield will accompany even offline does not have a SIM slot, unfortunately will be able to fish from the market Google Play and may take advantage of rooting and NVIDIA GeForce Now, at least until the specific permit. NVIDIA Shield also allows you to view TV series and movies, as opposed to Nintendo Switch that does not boast suffered apps like Netflix if you are Android users, is the best buy of the kind that you can do, but for gaming to a certain level even Nintendo will offer more.

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