Walking War Robots: The MMO-Action Mobile Game Review

Walking War Robots

Walking War Robots is certainly the least something, two months ago Pixonic LLC developed the MMO action adventure for iOS devices. According to the developer team, Walking War Robots is the game for between. Whether this statement corresponds to the truth, you learn in our review.


Let’s start with the heart of each game, the gameplay. With War Robots Cheats you start with a simple robot, which you can gradually expand and improve. So you have the possibility to customize your robot according to your wishes. In addition, you will have an insight into your gold deposit, which you can redeem at the bank. Not so great is the fact that the purchase of additional gold bars costs something. So you have to pay for 6500 pieces of gold 44.99 euros. Apart from that, you can also change your name, request game info, enter a code or report any errors.

By the way, you do not always have to be in the same robot with the same robot. You can store five robots. For each slot you can open, you pay 10 pieces of gold. Then you buy a robot. 500 pieces of gold and 5800 pieces of silver are given to players when they want to download Walking War Robots.

Walking War Robots

So, if we decide to buy a robot, we are faced with the torment of choice. The following robots can be purchased: Destrier, Cossack, Sagittarius, Boa, Vityaz, GI. Patton, Leo and Natasha of course, each robot has its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the robot model, we have various slots available to attach weapons to our mechanical combat machine and to upgrade as required. Once everything has been settled, it goes to the ready, because now follows the battle. As soon as you click on the “Play” button, 1 player is searched for within five seconds five to five.

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If you are now in the battle, you have the following task: to conquer the enemy’s signal fires (there are five) and thus win the battle. On the battlefield, you’re all shooter typical. Although you play in the third-person perspective, however, you move with the left touchstick and fires with the big right button. By the way, the robots are not all too fast. So you often have a certain distance to meet your enemies. If you do not get enough cover in early enough and you get a certain amount of damage, you will be slower and you will lose your weapons. You will definitely not respawn again and only look at your teammates as they either lose or win. After each game, which lasts 10 minutes.

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