Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Review

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

The Final Fantasy brand developed by Square Enix has become widespread in recent years, as we can see from ‘out of the last chapter “Final Fantasy XV.” A delight, in collaboration with Alim Co., developer of home games very successful as a Brave Frontier RPG, was released for the mobile Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, pointing as well to a game completely free-to-play, so developing further development of mobile games and not primarily for consoles.

For fans of the genre ” social RPG ” in vogue among the owners of tablet or mobile fans, Square Enix has satisfied a lot of the saga, with the global release of the version of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Released in fact the 22 October 2015 in Japan only, we then we would see a global release in June 2016. Main protagonists of the story are Rain, Lasswell and Fina. The latter will have to try out many adventures in order to save the Crystal, the main hub of all the sagas that bring the characters together in one goal,¬†To get unlimited lapis, usually I use the method¬†Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Cheats

Feature of this game is the gameplay that is fluid present but not innovative . However, aspects that make it a great prominent title, are the gameplay features of the beginning of the saga licenses issued for the console. In fact, since we tutorial sample of the functionality like magic, attack and defense.

Negative characteristic is found in the characters that can be achieved through a “pull”, ie a practicable evocation through lapis obtainable through missions or special micro-transactions. Positive the opportunity to advance the character and history with many dialogues also present in the older versions. To make things more nostalgic is the characteristic of the events and evocations themed “old sagas”, ie events characterized by evocations of a certain Final Fantasy as the style of play and settings.

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A differ from other games is the chance to explore the maps with the specific events and maps, in which you can interact with NPC, do quests and fight monsters that spring up randomly in the map. We can therefore say that it is a niche title, but with features such as events in which the farm is becoming increasingly necessary. This title offers those who suffer from nostalgia for a very captivating gameplay and a story to what intrigued but pleasant.

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