Fire Emblem Heroes updates and wins content

Fire Emblem Heroes

The Nintendo F2P has been available for just under two weeks on android and iOS and is already gaining in content thanks to a new update after celebrating its two million downloads. Although this mobile iteration of the cult license of Nintendo is still recent, many players have already made the tour. Fortunately, the daily events and special quests have revived the interest in the game pending the update recently deployed.

Containing 4 new 5-star heroes (Dont Ephraim and Erika, straight from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones and visibly awaited by fans), and three new missions, remains to be seen if she will succeed in keeping the players connected while waiting for the Next news. If you’re new to the Fire Emblem Heroes adventure, do not forget to check out our article on how to get bonuses from the official MyNintendo site.

Regularly updated with new characters/quests, Fire Emblem Heroes secret methods from will soon welcome the characters of a game that marked the Gamecube: Path of Radiance. After hosting the characters of the upcoming 3DS Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, the Free-to-play Fire Emblem Heroes will soon be getting content around the Gamecube Path of Radiance episode.

More than for Fire Emblem fans, this news is also intended for all Super Smash Bros. players, accustomed to the Ike character, one of the greatest fighters in the fighting sword. The update will add a new chapter centered on Path of Radiance as well as 4 new characters from the same game: Ike, Mist, Soren and Titania.

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