NBA 2K17: Pay per Play

NBA 2K17

In the application market, we find millions of games, tools, books and even movies. In the field of apps, many are free, in the case of literary and cinematographic works, most often you have to pay a price that is usually quite affordable.

App stores have become businesses that move billions of euros a year and their revenue continues to rise with each passing year as new titles appear as NBA 2K17, which has been in the catalog for a few days and is expected to become A success this year not Only in the United States but in many other places like Europe or Japan.

Breaking charts

One of the great novelties of the new launch of this franchise, is the renovation of its graphics and the improvement of the image and the sound. An example is found in that the soundtracks have been created by the best producers in the United States as the DJ Mustard.

Increased gameplay

NBA 2K17 has new features that its predecessors did not include the incorporation of European and American teams as well as the possibility of playing basketball games in a greater variety of stadiums and pavilions.

Improved animations

This game seeks to make the user experience as complete as possible with the perfection of the controls in this new edition, but also with the inclusion of videos and animations more realistic and achieved that complete the game.

First version, first failures

Currently, NBA 2K17 is available in Google Play version 0.0.21, which may cause some errors that have already picked the first users and are focused on a slow speed of execution or incompatibility with systems lower than Android 4.3.

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It is not free

Unlike many other titles that initially have no cost, NBA 2K17 is worth 8.52 euros and, as in most games currently on the market, the player has the ability to make integrated purchases that Oscillate between 50 cents and 21.30 euros.

Virtual Currency

Another new feature that comes with this title is VC, a virtual money system that allows you to purchase more items that allow you to complete the game by using currency through this medium. To get unlimited virtual currency you ca n use my methods like NBA 2K17 Cheats

As we have seen, the good launches in terms of graphics and gameplay are not exclusive to genres such as role or adventures. NBA 2K17 promises to give many hours of game to all lovers of basketball on both sides of the Atlantic.

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