Robot Unicorn Attack 3 Review

Robot Unicorn Attack 3

Born as a joke, Robot Unicorn Attack has turned quickly into a real success story in the mobile sector, with a first chapter that brought on smartphones the eponymous flash game feeling and a second which effectively expanded and improved the formula while maintaining the ironic tone and the look inspired by the trashy science fiction of the 80 typical of the original. By the third episode it would have been reasonable to expect a step further, perhaps accompanied by some original insight that rimescolasse a little ‘cards : instead, Robot Unicorn Attack 3 ends to recline on itself, reinventing one humor begins to do some ‘mold and especially gameplay that does not seem to be in step with the times.

That things do not go your way in Robot Unicorn Attack 3 you can tell right away when you notice that the text boxes that serve the theory to explain the mechanics of gameplay are used only for rattling off jokes that actually leave any difference: too busy to squeeze teasers and make elbow-elbow, the software is completely forgets to explain to the user what are the dynamics that revolve around the classic action from endless runner, leaving him in a state of total confusion.

Between Fate Golden, Tears Unicorn, sparkling explosions, Soul Crystals, Forges Mystic, Declines Explosives and a seemingly endless series of meaningless names (but they do riderissimo!) Is really hard to figure out where he wants to end the title Adult Swim, until you discover that behind this baracconata lurks in reality a game that has a few new things to say. Robot Unicorn Attack 3 is in fact an immoderate use of all the mechanisms free to play that contributed to the unenviable fame enjoyed by the category today: there is the dual currency system, chests-prize open a base to expand through experience points, a section devoted to creating new unicorns, a component reserved for weekly challenges and so on and so forth, all strictly no real impact in the gameplay, which is always identical to itself in spite level-up singer and company. Each element of Robot Unicorn Attack 3 is so uncertain that even the inevitable and quite insistent appeals software for in-app purchases or viewing commercials end up falling into the void, so it does not change one iota.

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Whether it is ignorance on the part of developers or a gigantic Adult Swim joke designed to emphasize the emptiness mobile today’s gaming, it matters little: Robot Unicorn Attack 3 is a product of many (too many) talk and very little substance, that pales in confrontation with members of the genus are able to tackle the subject more seriously even managing to propose something new. The thing is clear even when we face the real game, absolutely identical to the prequel in its mechanical: you have three chances to try to take the most possible way on the two-dimensional scene on which runs the unicorn protagonist, the user You can check by touching the left part of the screen to make it jump or the right to execute a shutter which also serves as attack. To say that the gameplay Robot Unicorn Attack 3 is not pleasant it would be a lie, but everyone knows too much already seen to really capture the attention, also because of an audiovisual sector that is doing its best to clear any semblance of originality : the transition to the graphic three-dimensional does not hide aesthetics indistinguishable from previous episodes, with robots, rainbows and dolphins that accompany the mythological race of quadruped, and even the background music does not dare to change one iota, proposing once again repeat to exhaustion of Always the Erasure.

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