Top 5 in free games for Android

CSR Racing 2

We started the summer with strength and our selection with the best new free games for Android arrives loaded with big releases, with a new game of basketball of EA Sports, new of CSR Racing, a new title of the saga Final Fantasy and the game that Accompanies the debut of the new Ghostbusters film. We leave you with our top 5.

CSR Racing 2

You will have to see if you get it, but you can not doubt that CSR Racing has put all the meat on the grill with this new delivery to catch up with the great racing game franchises, with a spectacular selection of cars with which Test our skill as a rider, racing in real time and all kinds of customization and improvement options, all accompanied by some spectacular graphics.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

This new Brave Exvius, however, we will be able to play for free, which is very grateful, although we must bear in mind that it is true that it is not at the level of others.

Maiden Legacy of the Beast

We continue with another RPG , although very different from the previous one, since the inspiration here is none other than the music of the mythical band Iron Maiden and that has its protagonist to its mythical mascot, Eddie the Head, or rather, to the multiple personalities Of this, each one of them with special powers and abilities. Needless to say, the soundtrack is the star of the game, but it also has good graphics and a good combat system.

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Fans of the NBA and sports games in general are in luck because the new EA Sports is set in the world’s most famous basketball league . With it we can test our skill in the basket with various game modes, including “face to face” or “season”, with which we can compete against our friends, see more about NBA Live Mobile Hack

Ghostbusters Slime City

Activision has been in charge of transferring the experience to the mobile devices and for this it has opted for a formula in which they combine the simulation and the action, where we will have to create and to enhance our own equipment of ghostbusters and to leave with them to clean the streets From New York.

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